Fixed Gas detector product line

12 to 24 V AC/DC powered Relay and 4-20 mA output fully configurable gas detectors. 7 sensor types.

100 to 240 VAC powered gas detectors with Relay and 4-20 mA output fully configurable. 7 sensor types.

CORUS involvement in the design

  • Expanded gas detector line by adding NO2, Oxygen, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Refrigerants and Carbon Dioxide gas detectors
  • Suggest a configuration for high voltage adaptor early in the design process that reduced 3 PCB layouts to one saving 50% of the PCB development costs while reducing the BOM complexity, manufacturing steps and manufacturing costs.
  • Select components, PCB layout and hardware testing.
  • Mechanical design of enclosure. Sourcing mold and providing technical requirements.
  • Designed to meet UL requirements and worldwide electrical safety requirements.
  • Designed and made production process and equipment: functional test jig and Hi-Pot test jig.